Basters at Twenty Paces

This article was first published on – an independent EVE magazine ( Reprinted with permission. -click- ‘-riots continue to break out on Cald-’ -click- ‘-rmer Band of Brothers, now opera-’ -click- ‘-ecent attack by Blood Rai-’ -click- ‘Hello and welcome back to Cuisine of New Eden. I’m Lairen Comrey–’ ‘And I’m Terric Jaimsen. Tonight’s … Continue reading Basters at Twenty Paces


the earthbound

Published short fiction from EVE Online: A Federation Security officer hits the mean streets of a backwater world hoping to bust a smuggling ring. Permission to reprint courtesy of  EON Magazine. Art by John Augar.   Boot heels clipped on the flagstones, crimson reflections of the setting sun casting the two men's shadows onto the … Continue reading the earthbound