Self-Fulfilling Disappointment

In 2010, I was moderately known as a blogger writing about EVE Online; those of us seen as "regulars" with decent writing skills were loosely known as the Blog Pack. One of our number, CrazyKinux, ran a monthly event known as the Blog Banter, where a subject would be chosen for all of us to … Continue reading Self-Fulfilling Disappointment


You know what's worse than moving overseas? Moving overseas at the end of the year. It took my stuff two and a half weeks to reach the US via container ship from Iceland; it's now been a week and a half in Customs, and I only got the release confirmation on Thursday. They still haven't … Continue reading Techno-fail


So I'm back in the US, again, and staying with my parents for the second (technically third) time since I first left home at 21. I'm not sure where I'm going with this one, but let's take a little stream of consciousness trip and see where we end up. It really does suck to have … Continue reading Transience


People discuss introverts and extroverts as if it's a yin/yang situation: black vs white, bookish vs party animal, shadow vs spotlight. However, as with most things psychological, it's less an On/Off binary than a sliding scale: remember, even in the traditional yin/yang symbol, there is some yang in yin, and yin in yang. I'm an … Continue reading Bubble