Costume concept: Khanid Cyberknight armor (Eve Online)

Following from the other Eve Online cultural clothing runs, one aspect of Khanid culture that only had a mention and never any visual presence were the Cyberknights, a social class of technologically modified fighters. Again, I used a lot of references from the long-lost original character creator for the costume accents (particularly the hair and … Continue reading Costume concept: Khanid Cyberknight armor (Eve Online)


Costume concept: Intaki (Eve Online)

I was strongly disappointed in the disappearance of cultural clothing from Eve Online's character creator. These are expansions of designs that were previously only visible down to mid-chest level in the original character creator, with some influence from the game's concept art.

Costume concept: Khanid (Eve Online)

As a roleplayer, I was rather disappointed in the new clothing options that were provided in EVE Online's new character creation system; we had expected something like this or this with the end result looking like this, and instead got this, which my fellow roleplayers began referring to as "SpaceGAP" due to its disappointingly generic and … Continue reading Costume concept: Khanid (Eve Online)

Eye of the Serpent — Episode One “The Black Freighter”

(Originally posted on SweetLittleBadGirl on 2011.03.25. Second-place winner in a player-run fiction contest and published in E-ON magazine.) First launched in YC93, Eye of the Serpent earned immediate notoriety for both its ambitious script and its simplistic production design. Now celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its release, the cast and crew have been reunited to share their … Continue reading Eye of the Serpent — Episode One “The Black Freighter”

Basters at Twenty Paces

This article was first published on – an independent EVE magazine ( Reprinted with permission. -click- ‘-riots continue to break out on Cald-’ -click- ‘-rmer Band of Brothers, now opera-’ -click- ‘-ecent attack by Blood Rai-’ -click- ‘Hello and welcome back to Cuisine of New Eden. I’m Lairen Comrey–’ ‘And I’m Terric Jaimsen. Tonight’s … Continue reading Basters at Twenty Paces