Rough hand-ink: Zevran (Dragon Age Origins)

The result of a quick speed-drawing exercise, ink-brush pens over pencil, only cleaned up a bit in Photoshop.

Multiple-Personality Gamer

The first time I tried an RPG, it was an AD&D session in the school lunchroom after-hours with a couple friends who were badly Mary Sue-prone. It didn't go well, and it wasn't fun for me; I had only the vaguest notion what sort of imaginary world I was dealing with, and what sort of … Continue reading Multiple-Personality Gamer

Soap Operas and Stereotypes [DA2]

I ran across yet another article about how people objected to the romantic interactions that occur in Dragon Age 2. The Straight Male Gamer complains there's not enough content for his demographic; the Gay Male Gamer complains about the portrayal of a bisexual (yes, he's bi, not gay; go play Dragon Age: Awakening, it's mentioned … Continue reading Soap Operas and Stereotypes [DA2]