Elizabeth Wyand — Curriculum Vitae


Results-oriented gaming industry professional with 5+ years of experience focusing on Content Creation, Advanced Game Mechanics, Localization support and End-User interactions.

Innovative and analytical, able to process information and express abstract concepts in a concise, accessible manner. Comfortable functioning in international/global work environments. Outstanding communication skills; regularly included on cross-functional teams to bridge the game development process from both design and support perspectives.

Willing to travel and broaden horizons; former visa-holding resident in Scotland and Iceland.



  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Writing
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Customer Relations
  • Attentive Listener
  • Team Player
  • Adaptable
  • Dependable
  • Ability to learn



WYRMHOLE GAMING — A husband-and-wife design team from Connecticut, Wyrmhole Gaming is focused on producing a unique and fun tabletop gaming experience based on a signature die-rolling system.

Design Consultant, Artist and Publicity Advisor — 2014.02 – present

Alpha-testing and design advisor for horror-punk game Dead House. Creation of atmospheric art for inclusion in flagship game book and company website.

CCP GAMES — Founded in 1997, CCP is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland with satellite offices in China, the UK and the United States. The flagship product, Eve Online, is a 10 year-old MMO with over 500,000+ subscribers.

 Game Master — 2011.12 – 2013.10

Specialization in advanced game mechanics, combat, account investigations. Selected as key liaison for support and issue-resolution for new customers. Designated trainer for new employees.

 Content Writer/Designer — 2009.04 – 2011.10

Originally hired as a contractor, offered full-time employment on basis of work produced. Solid background in world-creation, backstory development, mission/quest design and development of linguistic structures in a fictional environment.

 Additional Positions/Roles at CCP

    • Actor:
      • Live Events – Eve Online. Featured as NPC in multiple, non-repeatable story arcs.
      • Voiceovers – DUST 514. Published work included promotional trailers for Sony PlayStation launches and in-game audio tracks
      • Motion-capture – World of Darkness MMO. Body model for key graphics and exposition scenes
    • Convention Staff/CCP Staff Representative:
      • Industry Shows: DragonCon 2011, Grand Masquerade 2011, EVE FanFest 2012/2013
      • Player Interactive Meet-n-Greets: (Nashville 2011, London 2011/2012/2013)

SLOTHWORKS — Based in Portland, Oregon, Slothworks was an international group of freelance artists, programmers and designers working on an exploration sandbox MMO set on a future terraformed Mars, under the working title of “Wanderlust”. The group functioned on a remote, volunteer basis and coordinated via forums, Skype and IM.

 Lead Concept Artist — 2007.05 – 2008.02

Coordination with designers and artists to build the look of the game world, characters and society. Reference model for sword combat design.



Rhode Island School of Design  — 2010.02 – 2010.08

Beginner-level Maya, 3D Studio Max and Flash animation courses

Edinburgh’s Telford College, Edinburgh, Scotland  2007.09 – 2009.06

Architectural Technology: Applied physics, applied mathematics, CAD, structural mechanics, Construction materials

 Stevenson College, Edinburgh, Scotland — 2006.09 – 2007.06

Specialized coursework: Physics, chemistry and applied mathematics

 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland — 2003.09 – 2006.06

History and Social Sciences: Archaeology, European history, early human history, human geography, Architectural history, linguistics, German, Scots Gaelic

University of Connecticut  2002.09 – 2003.07

History, German and linguistics