Commission Information

Commissions are currently OPEN.
To contact, email

The basics:

  • Anything from a detailed character pencil sketch to fully-painted character design pages with detail highlights. Prices vary depending on the request (see pricing list below).
  • Cheesecake is fine, anthro is fine, but I do not do porn (like, ever; there are other artists you can contact for this).
  • Characters can be original or established in other media (games, films, books, etc).
    • If it’s an OC, please provide as much detailed information as possible in order to ensure the most accurate results.


  • Pencil-sketch: 
    • Bust portrait (head and shoulders) –$25
    • Full body (static pose standing/seated) — $35
    • Full body (dynamic or action pose) — $45 (variable)
    • Additional character or large prop — Sketch cost +$20



  • Illumination:
    • Simple colour background — no extra charge
    • Inked (black & white) — Sketch cost +$15
    • Plus flat colour — Sketch cost +$10
    • Plus colour with dynamic shading — Sketch cost + $20
    • Digital painting with simple background — Sketch cost x 2



  • Full concept page (character full body front & back w/ face and/or prop detail)
    • Pencil sketch — $75
    • Inked — $90
    • Sketch or ink plus colour with basic shading — $100
    • Digital painting — $135



  • Advertising & Logos
    • Dependent on complexity and whether original or pre-existing art is used
    • For non-sale items (web logos, business cards, etc) — art cost (above) + $75
    • For items intended for sale (shirts, posters, etc) — cost as above + 5% sale commission OR negotiable one-time fee




  • Upon completion you will receive a watermark-free JPG-format file of your commission. A watermarked version will be added to my online portfolio here.
  • A physical print of your commission will cost more for printing and S&H
  • If you intend to print it yourself, let me know and I will include a CMYK version for your convenience
  • You have the right to use your commission freely for personal use
  • Unless we have come to an agreement regarding copyright purchase, you DO NOT have the right to sell prints of the commission
  • Unless we have come to an agreement regarding copyright purchase, you DO NOT have the right to use the commission in marketed material (i.e. game content, media cover art, mass-printed t-shirts, etc)
    • PLEASE be up-front about how you intend to use the commission.
    • If you want to use a personal commission for something non-personal at a later date, please contact me and we can discuss it. I’m an easygoing person when the communication lines are open.
  • Depending on intended use, a nominal usage fee may be sufficient, rather than a full copyright purchase.
    • Bulk-commission of NPC portraits for sole usage within a production by indie game companies is negotiable
    • Full character concept page for use as development reference by indie game companies is also negotiable
      • Really, I just have a soft spot for indies and I want to support you guys in your work ❤

Payment info:

  • I accept checks and PayPal
  • Unless we have made a payment installment agreement, payment is required in full before I will start work
    • If paid in installments, the final piece will not be sent until full payment is received
  • Prices are negotiable, depending on the nature of the commission and your intended usage