Costume concept: Khanid Cyberknight armor (Eve Online)

Following from the other Eve Online cultural clothing runs, one aspect of Khanid culture that only had a mention and never any visual presence were the Cyberknights, a social class of technologically modified fighters.

Again, I used a lot of references from the long-lost original character creator for the costume accents (particularly the hair and collar).


Unfinished concept (game character)

Kathar, my Tal’Qarar archer from one of our DarkStar one-shot sessions. I usually play Tza’Karin purists, so it was refreshing to have access to the full range of ingame nature magic for a change.

I’ve gone very detail-heavy on this, and the embossing on the leather armour still isn’t quite to my satisfaction. Click to view larger.



Costume concept: Khanid (Eve Online)

As a roleplayer, I was rather disappointed in the new clothing options that were provided in EVE Online’s new character creation system; we had expected something like this or this with the end result looking like this, and instead got this, which my fellow roleplayers began referring to as “SpaceGAP” due to its disappointingly generic and contemporary appearance. While the new engine looks a far sight less cartoonish and caricaturised, the clothing options in the old engine reflected the alien cultures better, despite the old characters being only head-and-shoulders models. I took the old partial costumes for Vherokior characters and developed them into clothes that would better reflect the race’s desert nomad background than the current jeans and t-shirts options.

EveOnline design concept






Character studies

I’m a people-watcher; part of the joys of being a sociable introvert is that you have ample opportunity to watch and learn about others. Sometimes my attention gets drawn by a pose, or an item of clothing, or simply the attitude with which someone focusses on a particular task. I’ll never forget the workman who went past me one morning, so intent on not dropping three paper cups of coffee that his cigarette was practically falling from his lips, unnoticed. Some of the best poses I see are from nightclubs and martial-arts training sessions, where people make more use of the full range of movement.

guys girls

character study_01 jump lunge