I was going to make a blog post about roleplaying (not THAT kind of roleplaying, shush!) in games, but I got sidetracked making jewellery for people for Christmas gifts. Jewellery-making is a minor hobby, and one which I suppose I could market somewhere if I had more stuff to show off and sell. But I … Continue reading Hobby


So I'm back in the US, again, and staying with my parents for the second (technically third) time since I first left home at 21. I'm not sure where I'm going with this one, but let's take a little stream of consciousness trip and see where we end up. It really does suck to have … Continue reading Transience


People discuss introverts and extroverts as if it's a yin/yang situation: black vs white, bookish vs party animal, shadow vs spotlight. However, as with most things psychological, it's less an On/Off binary than a sliding scale: remember, even in the traditional yin/yang symbol, there is some yang in yin, and yin in yang. I'm an … Continue reading Bubble

Soap Operas and Stereotypes [DA2]

I ran across yet another article about how people objected to the romantic interactions that occur in Dragon Age 2. The Straight Male Gamer complains there's not enough content for his demographic; the Gay Male Gamer complains about the portrayal of a bisexual (yes, he's bi, not gay; go play Dragon Age: Awakening, it's mentioned … Continue reading Soap Operas and Stereotypes [DA2]