Bigger on the Inside

Every once in a while, whilst playing a game, you might notice something a little odd. You may not be able to clearly define it, but in the course of your explorations, you might occasionally get the feeling that there's something not quite right about the setting, nagging at the back of your mind like … Continue reading Bigger on the Inside



I've mentioned before that the novel I'm currently working on is the first for which I've had a full plot outline developed before I even started writing. This is where I admit that I've had to re-outline the story, one year after I made the first outline. It's not as bad as you might think. … Continue reading Remap


You know what's worse than moving overseas? Moving overseas at the end of the year. It took my stuff two and a half weeks to reach the US via container ship from Iceland; it's now been a week and a half in Customs, and I only got the release confirmation on Thursday. They still haven't … Continue reading Techno-fail


I was going to make a blog post about roleplaying (not THAT kind of roleplaying, shush!) in games, but I got sidetracked making jewellery for people for Christmas gifts. Jewellery-making is a minor hobby, and one which I suppose I could market somewhere if I had more stuff to show off and sell. But I … Continue reading Hobby