Costume concept: Khanid Cyberknight armor (Eve Online)

Following from the other Eve Online cultural clothing runs, one aspect of Khanid culture that only had a mention and never any visual presence were the Cyberknights, a social class of technologically modified fighters. Again, I used a lot of references from the long-lost original character creator for the costume accents (particularly the hair and … Continue reading Costume concept: Khanid Cyberknight armor (Eve Online)


Costume concept: Intaki (Eve Online)

I was strongly disappointed in the disappearance of cultural clothing from Eve Online's character creator. These are expansions of designs that were previously only visible down to mid-chest level in the original character creator, with some influence from the game's concept art.

Unfinished concept (game character)

Kathar, my Tal'Qarar archer from one of our DarkStar one-shot sessions. I usually play Tza'Karin purists, so it was refreshing to have access to the full range of ingame nature magic for a change. I've gone very detail-heavy on this, and the embossing on the leather armour still isn't quite to my satisfaction. Click to … Continue reading Unfinished concept (game character)