Star Wars — Nar Shaddaa Date Night

Been a while, hasn’t it? This last year hasn’t been great (for anybody), and I fell off the art wagon for a bit because of a series of technical issues. But I have a new tablet now, and it’s not constantly arguing with (most of) my graphics programs, so I can get on with things!

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few years, long enough to get on a few raid teams and get attached to some of the side characters. One of the more engaging stories is the Imperial Agent’s; the intrigue is top-notch. It’s very rare that I happen to like both character romance options in the base game, but Bioware cannot make me choose between Vector and Raina. I was originally going to set this in Kaas City, but the Empire is still horribly xenophobic, and both Vector and my Cathar Agent, Amiil, would have had difficulties, regardless of their ranks. Nar Shaddaa it was! Also, Nar Shaddaa is just prettier than Dromund Kaas, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Background screenshot courtesy of Bioware.