I was going to make a blog post about roleplaying (not THAT kind of roleplaying, shush!) in games, but I got sidetracked making jewellery for people for Christmas gifts.

Jewellery-making is a minor hobby, and one which I suppose I could market somewhere if I had more stuff to show off and sell. But I usually only make things when inspiration hits, or I find a particularly unique piece in a craft-store bargain bin (bargain bins are underrated, you find the best stuff there).

I feel a bit badly that the materials I have available are on the cheap side — cheaply made, that is; the metals are plated alloys, the stones are mostly glass, and they’re not of the finer quality that I’d prefer to be working with, but those kinds of resources simply are not available for a hobbyist — and it’s the sort of activity I only engage in when I have space, good lighting, and don’t feel like logging into any games.

But the results are random, and fun (pardon for old pics):

crystal-teardrop wide collar multichains asymmetrical2

This one is one of the commissioned gifts I was working on today; silver-plated wire and blue glass beads:

silver knotwork

This one’s a particularly Cthulhian-themed steampunk style for myself. The interior of the locket case was empty; the artwork I used is NOT my own but acquired (hence why the necklace is not for sale ever), and sadly the original piece and the page it was on have since been removed from the internet.

sinister-locket-2 sinister locket