You know what's worse than moving overseas? Moving overseas at the end of the year. It took my stuff two and a half weeks to reach the US via container ship from Iceland; it's now been a week and a half in Customs, and I only got the release confirmation on Thursday. They still haven't … Continue reading Techno-fail


The Writers’ Think Tank

I've been writing stories since I was able to pick up a pencil and form letters on paper correctly, a skill I acquired at the age of three. Spelling came later, but I was already reading on my own, and I distinctly remember when I was five folding and stapling together several pieces of paper … Continue reading The Writers’ Think Tank

Costume concept: Khanid (Eve Online)

As a roleplayer, I was rather disappointed in the new clothing options that were provided in EVE Online's new character creation system; we had expected something like this or this with the end result looking like this, and instead got this, which my fellow roleplayers began referring to as "SpaceGAP" due to its disappointingly generic and … Continue reading Costume concept: Khanid (Eve Online)