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Name: Elizabeth WyandPunkAF_3_20150504
Twitter: @HellcatBeth

I’m an experienced and intensely creative game designer, formerly of CCP Games. My work there included mission content, backstory development, in-character news articles, and development of a pronunciation guide for the thousands of system and region names within the game — essentially creating science-fiction languages based on pre-existing material for which all initial development information had been lost. While I do love off-the-wall concepts, I’m also highly focussed on maintaining logic within even fantastical systems, so that immersion can be maintained.

I’m also proud to be a gamer, with a year and a half logged as a director of EVE’s first (and thus far only) all-female pirate corporation, Hellcats. I organised the “Ladies with Laz0rs” round-table discussions at the EVE Online FanFest in Reykjavik in 2012 and 2013, with a standing-room-only turnout of women sharing their experiences ingame, and some men sharing their experiences working with women ingame.

Whilst seeking a full-time position with a new professional family, I am freelancing as an artist and design consultant for an independent tabletop game company and focusing on bringing some personal projects to fruition. I maintain a sketchblog on Tumblr which I attempt to update regularly, and a weekly blog on this site with topics ranging from writing to game design, as well as social issues which are common within the industry.

Current personal projects in development include a fantasy novel and efforts to improve my art quality.